Europe is home to some of the best natural tourist attractions in the world, and these can be an endless list for every traveler. But when most people think of Europe, Montenegro is not the first thing that jumps to mind. Today’s Clark Weeks’ Montenegro sight seeing recommendation is the Tara River Canyon. Clark Weeks and his wife hope you will consider going to Montenegro and enjoying the spectacular Tara River Canyon.

 In every list of great natural attractions, the Tara River Canyon, situated in Montenegro, is sure to be among the top destinations. As the deepest canyon on the continent, second only to the Grand Canyon in the world, the Tara River Canyon is a sight that everyone should experience.

The Geography of Tara River Canyon

The Canyon has a depth of over 1,300 meters or 4,300 feet. The Canyon starts from Bistrica in Montenegro to Hum in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, over a total length of 51 miles. The last 22 miles of this canyon is also the border between Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It is home to over 80 large caves, rocky terraces, high cliffs, and several sandy beaches.

The Tara River itself is under the ‘Human and Biosphere’ program since 1977, by which it is one of the world’s ecological biosphere reserves. This international convention is to protect the river owing to its water quality and the distinct ecological system that it creates. Several wellsprings and tributaries come together to supply this river.

Activities and What to Do at the Tara River Canyon

Rafting the Tara River

The canyon also is part of the rafting route of the Tara River. This route starts from Brstnovica and goes till Scepan Polje, at a total length of 11 miles. This is also the part of the canyon that offers the highest elevation drop. Over 21 of the total 50 rapids that the Tara has are within the stretch of the canyon. There is also a longer rafting route that is over 62 miles, starting from the Ljutica waterfalls and going to the 541 foot high monumental bridge.

Clark Weeks tara river canyon montenegro
A view of the Tara River Canyon in Montenegro

There are also guided rafting tours that tourists can take if they want to avoid rafting on their own. Such tours can be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour or more in length and take you through some of the best sights in the canyon. Most rafting services also let small groups of 4 or more go together, but you can also pair with other groups if you want to.

Ziplining and Driving the Canyon

In addition to water sports, there is also a zipline through the canyon, something that adventure tourists often enjoy. This zipline can be done from the Tara Bridge and ends at the base rafting camps. Driving along the canyon is also popular here. The roads can be narrow and there are fewer places to stop for photos. Tourists planning to drive here are advised to have 4X4s or SUVs for better driving and comfort. There are several tour operators and rafting agencies in the area, and generally booking these before is not required.

For those who are traveling near the area, the Tara River Canyon is a sight that they cannot afford to miss. As one of the best natural marvels that Europe has to offer, this canyon is sure to be a memorable experience for every kind of traveler.

Clark Weeks Montenegro Sight Seeing Tips

If you do make it there, please comment and let Clark Weeks know how much you enjoyed the Tara River Canyon. We plan to have more Clark Weeks Montenegro sight seeing tips in the future.

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